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How to Survive Rio Carnival the Party of a Lifetime

´╗┐For four days the already-lively city of Rio is transformed into a sea of sequins and brightly-coloured feathers on body-painted dancers moving to the infectious rhythms of samba beats and banging drums. During the four days of the spectacular Rio Carnival, impromptu street parties erupt spontaneously throughout the city each night and in the daytime thousands flock to the city's famous beaches to recharge for the night ahead. Tucan Travel has 25 years of experience taking clients on the adventure of afetime through South America. During that time the company has taken many clients to enjoy the party extravaganza that is Rio Carnival. During the Tucan Travel has been taking adventure travellers to party at Rio Carnival, they have picked up some fabulous tips for ensuring party goers get the very most out of the fabulous festivities. The first, and most important, thing to remember is that Rio Carnival is the world's biggest and most popular party. Anyone wanting to enjoy the extravaganza that is Rio Carnival must realise how important it is to organise your flights well in advance. Accommodation for Rio Carnival can be booked independently ' Tucan Travel offer packages for the entire Carnival period that include tickets to the famous Sambadrome and Sector 13 ' but be aware that if you leave your booking until the last minute you arekely to miss out. Hotels in Rio know they are on to a trick when Carnival is in town, so it is not uncommon to see hotel prices explode as much as 100% during the period. The Sambadrome is Carnival headquarters. This stadium stretches out either side of the parade route and this is where the mighty samba schools of Rio compete for the affections of the crowds and judges to be crowned the most spectacular exhibition of the year. The best views in the Sambadrome are from the cadeiras (ground level terrace seats), the arquibancadas (terrace seats) and the camarotes (boxes). If your Sambadrome ticket is in sector 13 you'll have a great opportunity denied to other festival goers ' the chance to rescue and wear the costumes left behind by samba school competitors! Revellers have scored giant bird headdresses; glittery-feathered outfits and a huge variety of other mad looking gear at past events. While the centre of attention is the Sambadrome, there is so much else going on in Rio during Carnival. Along with thousands of street parties erupting all over the city, some organised others spontaneous, there are a series of themed balls that take place over the weekend. Some are incredibly exclusive and the place to be seen for the local glitterati, others are more accessible and offer a hint of anonymity such as the incredibly popular Bal Masque, for which tickets are available to the general public. Security is an issue but the situation is possibly not as bad as its reputation, especially if you take sensible precautions. If you take your camera with you keep it out of sight as much as possible. One idea is to keep it in a plastic grocery bag to make it look ordinary and not expensive. Wear your backpack on your front and keep an arm over it. With so many revellers in one place it is a natural attraction for more unscrupulous sorts, but with common sense they can be thwarted. Keep emergency money in your bra or underwear and wear a money belt. Other helpful ideas include leaving the jewellery at home and getting into the festive spirit with cheap beads, flashingghts, short skirts, feathers and sequins. Same goes for the girls! Be organised. The banks are closed during carnival and cash machines have been known to run dry, so make sure you get plenty of money out to keep you going before you arrive in Rio de Janeiro. Other than that there isttle more to do other than make sure you get out there and mix it up sambaing with the locals. You'll find no shortage of dance partners out there to shake your booty with. And remember, this is the world's biggest party so do as much as you can during Rio Carnival, it'll be the party of yourfetime and there'll be plenty of time to sleep class=clearp


´╗┐PREHISTORIC MEGALITHIC SITES IN IDUKKI DISTRICT AT DEVIKULAM TALUK, NEAR MUNNAR, KERALA A survey team of the Kerala State Archaeological Department inspecting a rock-shelter believed to be 2,500 to 3,000 years old at in Devikulam taluk. A team of archaeologists have identified and surveyed over 400 monuments of the prehistoric period in Vayumala, near Alampetty, Devikulam taluk, near Munnar as part a project to document megalithic sites in Idukki district. Burial urns, dolmen, stone cists and artifacts of the megalithic period have been surveyed in the Marayur, Koviloor and Kanthallur areas in the first phase. Most of the remains have been found to be in a state of ruin, with time and human interference inflicting damage. The survey has thrownght on the methods used by prehistoric men for burial. Kerala State Archaeological Department recently in the survey would mark areas which needed further exploration. The findings from the sites will be scientifically preserved. Primary studies show that Devikulam has perhaps the largest collection of varied burial sites - dolmens, burials urns and single upright stones. In other megalithic sites in the State, only single specimens have been found. The project is being undertaken with the cooperation of the Forest Department since some areas of archaeological importance are inside the forest. The team also inspected three rock-shelter sites at Alampetty. Red ochre petroglyphs inside various caves show a pattern, underlining a particular period of their origin History Marayoor claims to be a part of a Stone Age. The Stone Age is a broad prehistoric period during which humans widely used stone for toolmaking. Stone tools were made from a variety of different sorts of stone. For example, flint and chert were shaped for use as cutting tools and weapons, while basalt and sandstone were used for ground stone... Civilization that is as old as 10,000 B.C. It is also home to a later period of large-scale dolmen-building. The land and its unique dolmens, caves, rock edicts and engravings declare its rich heritage. Megalithic Dolmens and Rock Paintings are a part of a stone age in Idukki District. Most Magnificent Historic MEGALITHIC SITES in Kerala are amazed and overwhelmed in munnar. Check out these magnificent MEGALITHIC SITES of Kerala through Kerala Guide. And experience their beauty while travelling to Kerala. Never Loose a chance to visit Kerala. Tourists Kerala - A complete guide in Kerala and Kerala Tourism Munnar Resorts